Oftentimes I don’t know what happens to the guys when they leave jail. Sometime I know they are going to prison, or being released to a program, or to the streets. Occasionally I’ll hear about someone who has died. In addition to the causes of death that I might hear about regarding a co-worker — traffic accident, cancer, aids, heart attack, stroke — some of the guys I’ve met have died due to violence or drug overdose.

I was going to write my own blog post about this, but Jesse Bailey gives you a view from the inside — raw and insightful. Please read his words and think on the men and women who die hidden from society.

Inmate Blogger

Its has amazed me how many people die in prison. I have lived in H-3 unit at Stafford Creek now for 8 years. I have seen many people from this unit die.

There has been quite a few people die at this facility. But at least 8 or 9 just from this unit alone. Two personal friends of mine.

When I first came to prison I didn’t see a whole lot of wheelchair bound people or sickly people either. They just weren’t around. Most inmates seem healthy and capable. At least physically. There are a lot of inmates that are noticeably, mentally not all there. But are in generally good health.

Looking back on it now, I think it was because of where I was located. In closed custody ( max security ). If a person can’t defend them self they don’t last long and or get taken advantage of.

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